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SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black

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SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black (SST-CP11B-300)
SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black (SST-CP11B-300)
SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black (SST-CP11B-300)
SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black (SST-CP11B-300)

SILVERSTONE Cp11 Sata Cable 0.3 M Black

  • Tyyppi SATA/eSATA
  • Liitin 1 SATA III
  • Liitin 2 SATA III
  • Väri Musta
  • Pituus 0.3m
Saatavilla arviolta 9.7.2024

For many enthusiasts, one of the biggest letdowns while installing or upgrading graphics cards is to find out the cards blocks off SATA connectors on their motherboards. This is still a common occurrence as motherboards are made with the assumption that users with long and powerful graphics card don’t need to use all SATA connectors while users with lots of SATA drives typically don’t need to install long cards. SilverStone engineers, whom are used to creating no compromise products such as cases that offer world-class cooling with minimal noise, took up the challenge to design a cable that will allow SATA connectors to be used even with long graphics cards installed. After months of research and development, the CP11, a revolutionary SATA cable, was conceived. It has incredibly low connector profile that is barely taller than the SATA connector on the motherboard to clear any card that you may wish to install. CP11 also has super-thin wires designed to the limit of allowable SATA standard with high quality material for uncompromised data and bandwidth integrity. They are so thin that CP11 can be routed into the tiny gaps between SATA connectors on the motherboard! If you want to utilize SATA connectors that were originally blocked off or want to upgrade your card without sacrificing SATA connections, the CP11 is your perfect solution.

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