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RED HAT Ansible Tower Stndr/Acadm Program-Small

Etusivu IT Tuotteet Ohjelmistot Muut RED HAT Ansible Tower Stndr/Acadm Program-Small
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RED HAT Ansible Tower Stndr/ Acadm Program-Small (MCT3314F3)

RED HAT Ansible Tower Stndr/Acadm Program-Small


Red Hat® Ansible® Automation, is a powerful tool for the orchestration of enterprise environments. Ansible Automation manages the Ansible technology used by thousands of organizations globally to help them automate IT tasks such as configuration management, provisioning, workflow orchestra - tion, application deployment, and life-cycle management.

One of Ansible’s hallmarks is its low barrier to entry. Ansible is agentless, meaning that no changes to your servers or network equipment are necessary to start using it. It is simple enough that you can install it and get started within minutes. When you are ready, Red Hat Ansible Tower adds to the sim - plicity of Ansible with improved security, scale, and scope.

Ansible allows you to use workflows to streamline jobs, and it provides simple tools for sharing solu - tions with your team. You can centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control (RBAC), job scheduling, integrated notifications, and graphical inventory management. Additionally, it is easy to embed Ansible Tower into existing tools and processes via its RESTful application programming interface (API).

- Manage multiple environments
- Maintain security and permissions
- Empower teams

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