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PLANET Cost Effective IP Set-Top Box

Etusivu IT Tuotteet Verkko Tarvikkeet PLANET Cost Effective IP Set-Top Box
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PLANET Cost Effective IP Set-Top Box (ITB-3001)

PLANET Cost Effective IP Set-Top Box

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Saatavilla arviolta 23.3.2024

PLANET ITB-3001 High Definition IP Set Top Box is its latest IP STB that supports videos up to High Definition (HD) 1080P formats. With the next generation multimedia streaming technology provided by the ITB-3001, home users can enjoy high quality video entertainment without having to go to video rental stores or even use Pay-Per-View.

The ITB-3001 offers DLNA / UPnP AV services based on MPEG-4 / H.264 / DTS compression technology to reach wider audience or achieve higher density of service. It thus increases bandwidth efficiency. The IP STB allows the users to enjoy IP multicast video and home networking service.

IP Set-Top Box is the advanced customer premises equipment (CPE) that delivers streaming video, and audio directly from Internet to Teclos subscribers. The ITB-3001 is designed to meet service provider's deployment requirements of IP-based multimedia service delivery and it even can be installed easily by subscribers. Once the UPnP connection is set up, you can huddle on the sofa using supplied remote controller to search and enjoy your favorite Video, and Music in your home networking.

PLANET IP Set-Top Box guarantees the best multimedia experience for users with the advanced features such as real RMVB and DivX. In addition to its super analog video and audio outputs, the ITB-3001 also provides HDMI component outputs and Dolby digital to bring users high definition video display.

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