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Online USV Xanto 1500 VA

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Online USV Xanto 1500 VA (X1500)
Online USV Xanto 1500 VA (X1500)
Online USV Xanto 1500 VA (X1500)
Online USV Xanto 1500 VA (X1500)

Online USV Xanto 1500 VA

  • Tuote Ulkoinen UPS
  • Virta 1.5kVA
Saatavilla arviolta 4.5.2024

Perfect: The ultimate protection against power failure and data loss

The new XANTO is the result of the consistent further development of tried-and-proven ONLINE UPS concepts. The premium-class UPS protects servers, switchgear and controlgear, IT and sensitive applications against power failure and data loss.

The XANTO double conversion technology provides a complete decoupling of the load from the electricity supply system. Even extreme voltage fluctuations, voltage peaks and harmonic waves cause no damage to the supplied devices. A smooth, uninterrupted transition is guaranteed in the event of a power failure. The outstanding highlight of XANTO is its future-oriented DYNAMIC POWER TECHNOLOGY (DPT). It dynamically adapts the output power of the UPS system to its consumers and increases where necessary the active power (watts) up to their nominal value (watt = VA). More power is thus available than with conventional UPS systems. In addition, the new XANTO provides up to more than double the autonomy time that its predecessor model did. The low operating costs due to its up to 97% efficiency is an added advantage.

ONLINE USV-Systeme AG (ONLINE) is one of the leading manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Since 1988, the German company has focussed on the development,
production, sale and support of UPS systems. Based on unit numbers sold, ONLINE products are the German number one in the UPS market and internationally recognised because of their top quality and excellent support.

In economic terms: XANTO therefore pays for itself

Reduces purchase and operating costs, and at the same time protects the environment.
The new and future-oriented DYNAMIC POWER TECHNOLOGY from ONLINE USV-Systeme is considered to be a pioneering breakthrough in the UPS sector. It provides the connected load up to 54% more active power (watts) than conventional and widely available UPS systems. Therefore with XANTO a smaller UPS model with lower costs can be used as a result. At the same the UPS system reaches its optimum operating range and reduces the heat losses. This benefits both the environment and the purse of the operator.

The innovative device class of XANTO offers unlimited possibilities for mixing and matching variants: XANTO is available either as classic tower or in the versatile rack-tower design with only 2 U. The versatile rack-tower design enables flexible installation, in particular after relocation or system expansion. The display of the UPS system is adapted for this purpose without tools to the horizontal type of mounting and installed using the 19" angle
included in the scope of delivery.

With all XANTO models, loads without interface or software can be switched off automatically by means of switchable output sockets. In battery operation the load of XANTO is reduced as a result and the autonomy time for the remaining critical consumers
is extended.

With external battery packs, XANTO can in each case adapt the autonomy time to its specific requirements. Therefore, shutting down large networks and backing up extensive databases no longer represent any safety risk. After extensive redesign of the UPS internal charging unit, up to seven additional battery pack can also be connected subsequently to a XANTO (model 1000 or higher). With XANTO 1000, for example, this enables a typical autonomy time of more than 650 minutes to be achieved. This corresponds to more than double the predecessor model.


New with XANTO is the protection function of the battery against exhaustive discharge. It can be activated and parameterized either directly via the menu of the UPS system or via the DataWatch software. The deep discharge protection switches off the UPS system before irreparable damage is caused to the battery. With the additional cold-start function from XANTO, the UPS system can be started directly from the battery and without primary
mains voltage. This features is very popular when the UPS system is used as emergency generator.

Flexible: SNMP adapter and DataWatch software

The optional SNMP adapter is the professional solution for multiserver shutdown and for remote administration of the UPS.

Thanks to it powerful 32-bit RISC processor, the SNMP adapter supports all well known functions such as automatic data backup with closure of running applications and orderly shutdown of the complete system. An extensive messaging system, freely programmable routines, time-controlled tests and an event log are also mandatory.

A temperature or temperature/humidity sensor can also be directly connected to the "professional“ version (order no. DW5SNMP30).

The standard scope of delivery of the XANTO series includes the DataWatch software. This software continually communicates with XANTO via the RS-232 or USB interface and
monitors all processes. DataWatch operates in the background and is the all-round software solution for the shutdown and management of the PC system or server system, as well for monitoring the XANTO and the mains power supply.

The RCCMD software agent is recommended for shutting down multiple servers connected to an UPS. It is event driven and thus reduces unnecessary data traffic in the network.

An optional AS400/relay card can be added to the XANTO for communication with IBM AS400 servers or for integration in industrial switchgear. Dry-contacts (via relay) with the following functions are available on its terminal strip: Normal operation, battery operation, battery voltage low, bypass mode, standby mode, group fault.The UPS can be shut down remotely via an additional input contact.

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